Monday, December 20, 2010

Watch your mouth!

Why do some people think it's ok using outdated, offensive terminology when refering to people with disabilities or people of different ethnicities?  Its not ok.  It is ignorant.  What is even more upsetting is when people make negative comments like that, they can't even admit to it.  This is what I call immaturity.  I know I'm being too harsh and people make mistakes and nobody is perfect.  But please take the higher road and admit that your comment was ignorant.

On the brighter side of things, I am very excited that it is almost Christmas because this is the first year that both my boys are getting very excited about it.  They understand the two most important things:  Christmas is the day Jesus was born and they get presents from Santa!  Life is good!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Amazing minds!

When could you name practically all your Hot Wheels cars by make and model? How about recite almost every line from several of your favorite TV shows?  Hold a guitar like Jimi Hendrix?  Read simple stories? Do a 51 piece jigsaw puzzle of the United States and know the names of the states just by looking at the states' shape?  Oh, the amazing things that I see everyday from my three year old.  But lets not stop there, his almost 2 year old brother can speak in complete sentences, have a conversation with adults for a few minutes, can also name practically every Hot Wheels car by make and model and knows practically every train, bus, car and person on the Island of Sodor!   Yes, my boys are very smart and I am a very proud mamma!

Watch out for the Boogie Man! BOO!

Are you scared?  Fear.  It is one of the most basic human instincts.  It can be a good thing though.  Fear helps keep us safe in dangerous situations and can motivate us to make changes in our lives.  However, fear taken to the extreme is not good.  The media is the worst. What is there not to fear?  Fear of war, fear of people who are different from ourselves, fear of disease...etc.  Oh, it's enough to drive one batty!  No wonder drug companies are making billions on prescriptions for depression and anxiety disorders. 

One of the things I'm realizing more and more each day is that there is so little under our control and so little time we have on Earth, so why waste so much energy being scared?

Thursday, December 16, 2010

School's Out For "Ho Ho Ho" Time!

Schools out.  What to do!!  Referee.  Big Mamma is a professional at it.   "That's my train!"  "No that's mine!"...."AHHHHHH"......."Give it back!"....."Boys, stop that or the trains will go bye-bye."  What a typical event at my house.  I've lost count how many times I've heard this scenario happen.  Oh, how I love the little darlings though, they give me lots of laughs and help keep me grounded and show me what life is all about...frustration.  Oh, I mean, love :).