Thursday, February 23, 2012

Does anybody care anyway?

I was motivated to blog today because of a friend's blog I read today.  I want to blog more often but I often think of myself as a crappy writer and what's the point- everyone is too busy with their own lives to care about my little blog that I hardly write in anyway.   This is the NEGATIVE THINKING that keeps me from turning my good intended thoughts about my goals into reality.  So I'm going to try to not care about what others think for a moment and just write.  

Today I went to an appointment and brought Darling #1 with me.   After my appointment, we went to get pancakes at a supposedly great pancake place---Pancake Pantry.  Not impressed.  We were the 3rd in line and still had to wait 15 minutes for a table and then had to wait another 5-10 minutes to be acknowledged by a waitress.  The waitress was nice and all but the hostess was blah.  Tables were way too close together.   I was concerned somewhat about this because Darling #1 has a tendency to invade others space.  The pancakes were average and overpriced.   The one interesting thing about our visit was the conversation next to us.  We were so close to the next table I could hear every word.  Two college girls probably no more than 20-21 talking sex, birth control and about their annoying friends.  One of the most interesting tidbits was the fact that they enjoyed making their guys or girlfriends (I wasn't quite clear on this) jealous, on purpose!   This amused me and saddened me at the same time.  Is this what I sounded like at 21?  God, I hope not.